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    Financial and economic expert's (range): This is the wrong way to address the problem of the central bank

    See expert financial and economic prestigious that way they were addressed the issue central bank would not solve the problems in the life of monetary and fiscal, but it weakens confidence in the system of cash in the country and the national currency and the general national economy and weaken the image of the Iraqi state's financial forums and economic international.
    says expert who wished in anonymity in an interview for the "long" yesterday that "the Central Bank Foundation cash stands at the forefront of its objectives exchange rate stability and sustain economic growth and fight inflation, and to achieve this objective, the bank uses the tools of direct and indirect, including the opening of windows to sell the dollar" .
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    draws expert that "because of unilateral Iraqi economy based entirely on oil and crashes most the joints productive life, become effective selling of the U.S. dollar really accustomed to the national economy in a manner not allow think Bglgaha". He points out that window work in two ways, "first cash sales to the public through banks and the second conversion of dollars demanded by the public from banks abroad" and "cash sales meet the requirements of the public for treatment and other needs, which accounted for no more than 10% of the total sales, either remittances constitute largest percentage of sales of the bank. "expert notes that" problematic is the vision and goal and the means and policies, while the see where among critics of the policy of the bank present he abandon its required reserves of foreign currency to sell the dollar, and that a significant proportion of sales did not fall against which to country goods or services that should be that intervention for every dollar out of the bank goods or services at the same value, see the central bank as follows:
    - It is not the body that can follow the dollar from the moment of his release from the bank to the moment of becoming a commodity or service for reasons of functions numerous that must be performed by actors other official, including the Ministry of Commerce granted import licenses and decide the quality of materials that must enter into the country and restrictions that can be imposed on those goods or other, and the Ministry of Planning, which must decide priorities of the country, plans and foundations examined goods .. And so, The customs authority that examine the goods and determine أقيامها for duty and shall sustain the national information system to ensure subordination of goods imported into the customs duty in the first phase and to income tax in the second phase (phase trading and distribution), as well as the security forces responsible for combating money laundering, smuggling and counterfeiting of currency , and the banking system, which should ensure that the funds requested from which had been received in return goods and services. "

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    Parliamentary Finance: former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi still in Tokyo
    10:51:22 / 10/2012

    Khandan - The Finance Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, said Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi still in Tokyo despite the end of sending a week ago, noting that his deputy, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, who is in Baghdad will surrender to the Iraqi judiciary.

    A member of the Committee MP for the coalition of state law Haitham al-Jubouri for "Khandan": that the Iraqi parliament is who oversees the Central Bank in accordance with Article (133) of the Constitution, saying: that the investigative parliamentary formed is representative of the political blocs and confirmed the presence of suspicions of corruption in the work of the bank, noting that the Office of Financial Supervision and the Integrity Commission, Ida report of the Committee, and on its impact on the Judicial Council issued an arrest warrant for bank officials.

    He Jubouri, that Shabibi is still present in Tokyo despite the end of the period of deployment, and was supposed to return to the country a week ago, but comeback raises many questions.

    Word member of the Finance Committee, on the statements, which says that the federal government wants to acquire the bank, saying: "The Federal Council of Ministers voted unanimously to sack the governor of the Bank Sinan Shabibi and commissioning Basset Turki proxy, and it is reasonable to be all the institutions that supported the existence of suspicions of corruption at the central bank is politicized. "


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    Source (Tomorrow's News): Najafi and al-Mutlaq and Karbouli will participate in the national meeting

    Mon, 22 Oct 2012 10:01:01 +0300

    Tomorrow's News: Private
    A source close to the Iraqi List, that many of their leaders have expressed their desire to participate in the national meeting in the event of the President extended an invitation to the event.
    The source said the leaks on Monday (tomorrow News): Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi and Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, head of the Movement solution may be the first participants in the national meeting if invited by the President.
    The source speculated that the Iraqi witness list large Anchaqat in case the national meeting where the majority of its leaders led to participate in while still doubts about the post Iyad Allawi.
    The MP for the Iraqi List, Allawi's victory announced on Saturday that Najafi will not represent the Iraqi List, in the case of the national meeting
    But attend in his capacity as Chairman of the parliament and that the list has yet to agree to participate in the meeting or specify any names to participate in the national meeting.
    Ended (m, m)


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    Monday 22 October 2012
    Kurdish source: Americans are preparing to build their biggest embassy in Arbil

    Follow-up - and babysit -Kurdish sources familiar with the Americans began actual preparations for the construction of a huge embassy them in Kurdistan match their embassy in Baghdad, but did not specify metric space that the embassy would be set.It is said that international norms and laws, which govern relations between states, forbid the construction of embassies to a single state, but the state can open a number of consulates in various cities of the State concerned.The sources added, who asked not to mention that the establishment of American embassy in Erbil is a message from Washington to Baghdad and to the neighboring countries as support the emergence of a Kurdish state in Kurdistan be the nucleus of a Kurdish state encompassing Kurds in both Iraq and Syria, Iran and Turkey will be the state incubator for military bases stations U.S. and Israeli intelligence in the Middle East.https://alrayy.com/64283.htm

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    Maliki discuss with Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government issues between the center and the region

    Monday, October 22 1 / Okrudolf 2012 17:02
    BgdadaanPrime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government issues relating to the relationship between the center and the province.A statement by the prime minister received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, received in his office today, the official Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Imad Ahmed and his entourage""It was discussed during the meeting, in many of the issues related to the relationship between the government and the province."The Prime Minister had met yesterday morning a delegation representing the Kurdish parties headed by Barham Salih. Ended


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    Kurds: resort to our options including withdrawal of government that did not comply with the government within two months prior agreements

    • 10/22/2012 3:13

    "Portal Iraq" BAGHDAD - Hawlati Kurdish issue dated today that "the delegation of political parties of Kurdistan, who arrived in Baghdad on Saturday carrying Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki two months to comply with previous agreements, otherwise the Kurdistan region will resort to Filter Options other of them to withdraw from the current government ".The newspaper quoted for Abubakar Hldni member delegation from the Kurdistan Islamic Union saying that the meeting which they held of the political blocs resulted in an agreement to continue to hold meetings and to stop media campaigns and a mechanism to resolve the problems between the region and Baghdad.The delegation, headed by Barham Salih is currently visiting Baghdad and met with a number of government officials and political parties.The relationship between Kurdistan Aqilm and central government witnessed tension due to lack resolve many of the outstanding issues as the Kurdistan region accused the central government of shirking from the Erbil in the view of the central government that the province that withholds بتعاقدات oil without the knowledge of the central government and its approval.The Erbil agreement stipulates that the withdrawal of the Kurds of them government resigned and are resorting to form a new government.


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    Sadrists: It's time to get out of the crisis phase to phase solutions
    10/22/2012 9:49 AM

    "Portal Iraq," Baghdad - said in a statement Information Office of the Political Commission of the Sadrist movement after meeting Prime DFI Sadr's political Karrar al-Khafaji, with a delegation Kurdish forces headed by Deputy Prime Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Saleh, said on Monday that "the two sides discussed the political crisis taking place in the country and ways to solve them as a review of the political process and constraints of the agreement and resolving political problems. ""The two sides stressed during the debate that the solutions temporal and prosthetic political problems are of no avail, but must be solutions radical, as was agreed to be the starting point for a solution of the disputed issues, not participants, and that is to look at all the problems look Iraqi and be Constitution Working is the foundation to resolve those problems must also be considered for the same paragraphs and articles of the Constitution look purely Iraqi with respect for all political agreements. "Khafaji said during the meeting that "it's time to get out of the crisis stage to stage solutions that Iraq where partners, any agreement with any side must take into consideration the national demands for the rest of the partners."This meeting was attended by First Deputy Chairman of the Commission and Walid Alkrimoa and second deputy Ahmed Al-Mutairi, head of the Liberal parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji, Chairman of the Legal Committee Abdul-Mahdi Al-Mutairi was agreed to continue the meetings in order to reach successful solutions.


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    U.S. embassy evaluate tomorrow conference to finance small projects in Iraq

    Monday, October 22 1 / Okrudolf 2012 19:35
    [Baghdad - where]Assess the U.S. embassy in Iraq conference to finance small projects in Iraq tomorrow for two days.She said in a statement issued today the agency received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it that " the U.S. diplomatic mission in Iraq, and through the United States Agency for International Development [ USAID ] and in collaboration with a network of microfinance in Iraq, held a conference for those involved in financial services in the Rotana Hotel / Erbil for the period from [23-24] October now. "He added that "the main focus of the conference will finance small projects in Iraq as a way to achieve economic and social development."The statement continued that " the conference aims to bring together industry leaders international and regional, national, including representatives from twelve Foundation Iraqi on financing small businesses, which offers its services in all provinces in the country and of the 18 provinces, and will both Nawzad Hadi, Governor of Erbil Ali Makki, Director General of the Department of non-governmental organizations, delivered their speeches during the conference. "He noted that "since 2003, have been distributed around [420] A small loan totaling billion U.S. dollars, through a network of micro-finance in Iraq, where the network is to provide loans to Iraqi citizens deprived women and internally displaced persons, and small and medium enterprises that need to finance its business. " ended


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