Ihsan Al-Awadi: the atmosphere of the first session of the parliament were not positive

Monday, November 21, 2011

A member of the House of Representatives for the State of Law coalition Ihsan al-Awadi, the atmosphere of the first session of the Council of Representatives in the new legislative term were not as positive, because some have sought to create sectarian regions in addition to Iraq Machdh of events during the holiday period, the legislative council.
And cross-Awadi, "told the independent press," the hope that the demise of the atmosphere during the coming period, especially in the pursuit of the House of Representatives to pass many laws which are in favor of the general situation in the country.
On the demand to host the Prime Minister, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces in the Council said Al-Awadi said that the consensus on this demand to determine the security preparations and the military to grab the security file after the U.S. withdrawal, the end of this year, especially in light of the contrast statements of some security chiefs and the military about the readiness of Iraqi forces.