Parliament to raise its Tuesday after discussing national sovereignty and the evacuation of U.S. forces
20/11/2011 18:41

Baghdad / Orr News
Lifting of the House of Representatives its meeting held today, chaired by Osama al-President of the Council and attended by 205 deputies, to the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, after he discussed the issue of the sovereignty of Iraq and the withdrawal of U.S. forces as well as search external aggression on the territory of Iraq and the attacks launched from Iraqi territory to neighboring countries.

A statement from the Department of the media in the House of Representatives that Nujaifi called to speed up the legislation of laws and follow-up performance of the government, noting that there are 31 legally ready to vote and 64 legally ready for a second reading.

MP gave a victory Jubouri Chairperson of the Committee of Women, Family and Children statement on the occasion of its twenty-second anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child on 20 this month, a renewed commitment to seek to implement the terms of reference assigned to it. She stressed the importance of providing allocations to invest in raising the level of the youth and young people most disadvantaged.

Read by another MP Haji Mahdi issued a statement regarding the situation in Turkey after the earthquake that left hundreds dead and wounded, causing it to request foreign assistance. He noted that the Kurdistan Region has had a role as Musharraf gave financial and logistical assistance to the victims, calling for the formation of a parliamentary committee and ministerial visit to the city / and / Turkish-stricken to offer condolences to victims' families and the allocation of financial aid.

In another paragraph the Council discussed the topic of "the sovereignty of Iraq and the withdrawal of U.S. occupation forces," and unanimous position of blocks in the House of Representatives on the importance of step evacuation of those forces as would the Iraq recovers its sovereignty, stressing the importance of transparency by the government on the issue of the readiness of security forces to take over security responsibilities to protect the situation in the country.

Salman Jumaili MP promised withdrawal of U.S. troops on a historic day waiting for the Iraqi people, calling for full transparency on the recognition capabilities of the security forces and their ability to grasp the situation in the country.

MP Khalid al-Attiyah has stressed that the withdrawal of U.S. troops being in accordance with what is planned in an important step to recover and restore Iraq's sovereignty over its territory, pointing out that the next phase will see the start of construction projects and construction.

In turn, draw MP Fuad Masum, the absence of a delay in the process of withdrawal of U.S. forces, pointing to the government pending the outcome of talks with the U.S. administration. He expressed his wish that the security forces can cooperate with everyone to fill the security gaps.

For its part, blessed MP Maha league for the Iraqi people "to defeat the U.S. occupation forces after the great sacrifices made ​​by the Iraqi people" claim to reject any attempt to keep those forces, and set up committees to oversee parliamentary and government to follow U.S. withdrawal and the formation of a supreme body to count the damage inflicted by U.S. forces in addition to the release of detainees who have not stained their hands with the blood of Iraqis.

For his part, MP Hamid counting Buffy "the evacuation of the occupier" of any country, a national holiday, called on the government to shoulder its responsibilities in the next phase and to the adoption of the real interests of the people in the relationship with the United States.

And MP Qasim Muhammad Qasim said there are major challenges will appear after the U.S. withdrawal, the most prominent "terrorist groups feeling that the opportunity is now ripe for the terrorist act" and called on the security ministries to fill the vacancies.

For its part, demanded that the League MP Atab be on the evacuation of U.S. forces, "a national holiday."

While MP Mohammed Kayani, the existence of real problems facing the country since many years, requiring search for common ground of citizenship Iraqi sovereignty in order to achieve a prompt. The MP Mahmoud Hassan said that the Iraqi Penal Code applies to the person who commits a crime, whether Iraqi or foreign, regardless of the existence of judicial immunity or not.

While calling for high MP Nassif, to obtain compensation for the damages committed by U.S. forces and provide logistical support to security forces. The MP Hanan al have pointed out that the security forces are able to bear the responsibility for security, and urged the House to provide the backing and cooperation with security forces.

For his part, MP Ammar Tohme that the process of withdrawal "an important step reflected the unity of the political forces and the survival of any rejection of the occupation forces", alluding to the importance of focusing on the diplomatic effort to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

In turn, MP Hamid vegetative to the evacuation of U.S. forces will be an opportunity to unify the positions of the political blocs and the advancement of the country, refusing to stay in Iraq, U.S. trainers. He called to deal with the U.S. embassy as is the case with any other embassy.

For his part, MP Mohammad Iqbal Omar to think about the"post-occupation", calling the plan to provide security after the withdrawal to the House of Representatives to speed up with a package of legislation introduced in the security field and work to achieve balance in the security institutions.

He noted the MP Arshad Salhi need to give guarantees about the organization that fill the security vacuum in areas which suffer from problems. For his part, MP Khalid Shwani that the conditions of the disputed areas is stable now, and urged to activate the joint coordinating committees to maintain peace and security and protection of all components.

In response to the interventions, Najafi said that he will extend an invitation to host the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and National Security Adviser to clarify the government's preparations in the field of security and armament.

Council also discussed the external aggression on Iraqi soil and attacks launched from Iraqi territory to neighboring countries. He reviewed the MP Bahaa al-Araji, an applicant discussion, the conditions prevailing during the reign of the former regime and was represented by concern for the neighboring countries.
"I do not want non-Iraqi organizations to operate in Iraqi territory, which could trigger the neighboring countries and opens the door to enter those countries," rejecting any attack on the sovereignty of the State of Iraq.

In the interventions of Representatives, Attorney-proof dry that the bombing of Iran and Turkey for Kurdish areas take on the issue of the PKK (the PKK) and Hezbollah (PJAK), Iran "as a pretext to interfere in the affairs of the country," noting that the dialogue is an important means to solve the Kurdish problem."

MP and the names of al-Moussawi stressed that any attack on Iraq was rejected out of hand, citing the need to prevent attacks by some organizations, on the territory of neighboring countries.

For its part, called MP Hanan al to host Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of State for the procedures for attacks against Iraq from neighboring countries. For his part, MP Mohammed Kayani, the importance of the Turkish forces out of Iraqi territory, pointing out that the presence of armed Kurdish organizations represent reactions to the wrong policies of both Turkey and Iran.

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