The Finance Committee's: in the event of reduced tax payment on the citizen, it will be positive on the citizen and the state

Confirmed the parliamentary Finance Committee can not cancel the taxes from the citizens that it will come back negatively on the state in general, it is possible to Makdta tax relief through treatments and methods of financial choices.

A member of the Finance Committee the parliamentary bloc of Liberals, "Magda Abdel-Latif:" that demanded by a large number of citizens, especially those from the private sector and workers in the Iraqi market, the abolition of the tax set by the State on every segment of society is not possible because this will cause perhaps financial crisis of the state.

The 'Abd al-Latif, "to: that the state had abolished all Iraqi citizens, including a large tax exemption bill for water and electricity.

Certain: that if the reduced payment of tax on citizens, it will be positive on the citizen and the state as in case of payment of a small amount even if the simplest possible amount take stakeholders can know behavior that there is a tax must be paid and be revenue for the state's income oil and takes against which service