Abtan: move to resolve Iraqi crisis, Kuwaiti reparations bilateral
19/11/2011 15:45

Baghdad / Orr News

A member of the Committee of Economy and Investment Abdul Hussain Abtan parliamentary deputy for Iraq move to convert the file of compensation from Kuwait to the international treatment of a bilateral issue between the two countries. "The conversations that took place between Iraqi lawmakers with Kuwaiti officials showed Kuwait's desire to resolve the crisis between the two countries through the institutions on this subject in both countries."

He stressed the need to invest this desire in the two countries to resolve the issue of compensation as soon as possible, noting that there were efforts by the Iraqi government and specifically the State Department to reach a specific agreement and cut off those efforts made ​​advanced progress but did not reach the required level.

Abtan expressed the hope that the coming period the results are satisfactory and acceptable to both parties, especially that the government step in solving this problem directly with Kuwait is very true. He added that the House will take up the task of these moves and steps to stand directly on the end the question of reparations imposed on Iraq after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. He said that stability in Iraq depends on good relations with the countries of the world in general and the neighboring countries, especially that internal stability is linked to economic stability, indicating that the continuation of this crisis with Kuwait, which was internationalized during the former regime is not conducive to stability and help to develop and development.

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, declared that "the protection of Iraq's assets from legal prosecution relating to claims of damages filed against the Government of the former regime, and with the end of the trusteeship Iraq is free to dispose of his money,
but keep to deduct 5 percent of its oil revenues reparations to Kuwait, which is money a month to go, "United Nations Fund for compensation."