A new salary scale for staff and the service takes into account the severity and degree of scientific
16/11/2011 01:10

Khandan - discusses the House of Representatives staff the new pay scale after the legislative recess Sunday.
A member of the Finance Committee in the Council Najiba Najib's (time) that
(the law of the employees' salaries to be enacted soon, is one of the first work of the Committee after the end of the holiday Legislative Council next Sunday) declared that (the committee is working hard to publish it according to scientific bases in line with the requirements of life living conditions of the staff).
She said Najib (asked the government an official letter, together with personal contacts for the use of experts specialized in grades organizations and foreign non-governmental organization with specialization in this area. And I can confirm that the subject is in the circle of our attention because it achieves justice among the staff), noting that (the most prestigious peace new is the unification of salaries among the staff of government departments and institutions for the presence of a significant difference in the salaries of class one from one ministry to another and this form of oppressive concrete complained of staff and reduce the differences between the higher grades and lower in addition to the existence of multiple laws as part of the salaries of state salaries presidencies, ministers, general directors and owners of grades All of these things you need to in-depth studies will be handled by the Committee with a small committee of specialists to develop a scientific basis for the new peace).
And on the lack of differences between the salaries of university degrees and the staff do not have the required qualifications said Najib (this important point will be discussed and resolved for it is one of the most prominent topics that make up an imbalance in peace and we will address the other issues opacity of service, severity and type of work and process to give each person right).
And was a member of the Finance Committee, announced Ibrahim al-Mutlaq's (time) in the earlier (the Committee is working on legislation that the law of peace the new salaries could resort to reduce the high salaries).
He said al-Mutlaq (strive to be a new peace for the benefit of state employees pension in line with their needs and be a law in line with the requirements of modern life).