Democratic Movement held its first conference in Baghdad
16/11/2011 20:17

Baghdad / Orr News
Democrats held power in Iraq first conference in Baghdad yesterday with the participation of more than 186 delegates, representing the capital, and about 15 other Iraqi province, as well as delegates to the branches of power in a number of European countries including: Britain, the Netherlands and France. The Conference elected the Supreme Committee of the current, and includes 72 members, by two for each of the parties that participated in it, including a number of political, intellectual and academic in the country, such as: Zia Shakurji, the Minister of Science and Technology Previous Raed Fahmi, and Dean of the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Baghdad Amer Hassan Fayyad, and the high-Habib Kazim, Najib and Muhyiddin Hussein Fawzi and full Adhadh and Akil of Nazareth, and others.

The Conference issued a statement saying that the final goal of the formation of this trend is to "unite the efforts of democratic forces and personalities and enhance their role in political life in the country." The statement added that the conference "The first interest in an extraordinary mobilization of Democratic Movement, and its role in the orientation to building a civil state of the Federal Democratic fully sovereign, country of citizenship, institutions and law, freedoms and social justice, by going to reform the political process and clearance, which prevents building a real democracy are far removed from sectarian and ethnic" . He also called on participants to "re-building of state institutions, civil and military, on the basis of competence, integrity and professionalism, and permanent address of the administrative and financial corruption." They also stressed "the need to respect the diversity of national, religious, sectarian, and a commitment to reassurance on the national rights of the other components of the Iraqi people under a democratic Iraq federal, as stated by the Constitution and the adoption of texts to solve problems and outstanding issues between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and local governments in the provinces."
The conference witnessed extensive discussions about the importance of separation and functional differentiation between the three authorities to ensure the independence of the judiciary, The importance of the constitutional review and amendment of its articles, including save him from the shortcomings and to achieve the values ​​of democracy and respect for human rights and the Also through the conference through the statement of support "for the movements demands and protests and demands a fair system reform and the fight against corruption and improve the services and sophistication of life living for the people, and expressed their condemnation of any action that prevents the exercise of citizens' constitutional right to express their views and beliefs to demonstrate assembly and protest and any other means peaceful and constitutional ".

In the context of discussing the current political crisis facing the country, including the differences and conflicts blocs powerful political power and influence and now represents the state of frustration and despair of the people, it was confirmed the importance of "stop the deterioration in security and living conditions, poor services and high rates of corruption, unemployment and inflation, prices and rents , along with state of tension and tension between the parties in the federal government and the region and between the center and the provinces, and the risks that threaten the paths of democracy and the completion of national sovereignty and independence of the country. " The Conference considered that "to continue the current approach will open the potential for dangerous conditions on the present and future of the country." Have been calling for "the adoption of peaceful options and democracy to lift the country than it by holding early parliamentary elections, and provide the prerequisites for success, in the forefront of new legislation a modern party, and the issuance of a new law for parliamentary elections, and the restructuring of the Electoral Commission for elections, and conducting the general census of population" .

The conference adopted the call to respect the independence of the work of cultural institutions, media, and maintenance of public freedoms, especially freedom of expression, demonstration and protest and publication, freedom of access to information and circulation, the rejection of intolerance and extremism in all its forms, and the liberalization of culture from the shackles of thought, of one opinion, and narrow-mindedness and the adoption of a cultural project of a national open, democratic and sophisticated and harmonious with the spirit of the age. The conference concluded to keep the doors of power open to the forces and parties, movements and associations who share his views and visions, seeking to extend their cooperation and coordination with the parties and Iraqi forces to move the country to the shores of peace, security and stability, free and dignified life in a democratic federal contemporary full independence and national sovereignty.