Specialize advocate the use of bank credit cards
Date: Saturday 09/29/2012 05:59 am

Baghdad / Hossam Saadi
expressed specialize in financial affairs for concern by some citizens from dealing ATM device which began to adopt some banks,
calling to educate the community through the media to keep up with the era of technological development witnessed by the world.

He said banking expert Mohsen Ali's (range): The ATM is part of the culture and the development that the world is witnessing now, stressing the role of the media actor educating society in this direction.
explained: There are several factors helped reluctance of citizens on this machine, including the security situation The cases of embezzlement and theft suffered by some Iraqi banks between now and then.

added that our banks in the case of restructuring itself according to modern systems and entering into partnerships with banks with good reputation,
if the ATM in banks is not integrated how we ask the owners of shops and restaurants that use this device.
Meanwhile, he noted, a professor at the University of Mustansiriya Mohamed Sayegh
that culture plays an important role in this area, pointing out that citizens are wary of any state of development occurring on them because their culture is limited.
said in a statement (range):
We need to publish culture and new awareness in the community, and the more the development of science must be pumping information via satellite.
added possess satellites many and there is no satellite channel specialized economy defines citizen including being developed in the world.
mentions that evolution witnessed by the world covering all spheres of life, and human nature wants to innovation and the development of all help him,
and the best proof of this development is an ATM machine, which is used in the financial and trade institutions, where it began some Arab countries and the global use in shops and commercial centers through credit cards, meaning that the citizen when purchasing need what the deduct the price of the tally banking through an ATM.
urged the economic analyst Hamid al-Moussawi to the need to use the ATM in the official circles of the ministries circle taxes and souls and banks, praising the experience of pensions, which helped to overcome red tape and a lot of issues administrative and financial corruption in banks .
Moussawi said in a statement (range):
If the state continues without (Visa Card) and (credit card) Vsisthari administrative corruption in all aspects of the state.
explained that the citizen will deal with modern appliances when it finds available by the state, if I use and understand citizen pluses would result to circulate even at the level of the private sector.
For his part, Alhaji Nasir (retired) to "The use of an ATM when you receive a salary that solution has a lot of obstacles, including congestion human and administrative corruption (bribery) in banks."
While citizen Jassim Mohammed supported the idea of the spread of ATMs in all business centers and shops, saying:
"This is a beautiful thing when we see the shops and restaurants and government departments are using this device and forgotten that we keep pace with the era of development," hoping that the Iraqi case at least similar to the case of citizens of neighboring countries.