The most important part of this investment...
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Thread: The most important part of this investment...

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    The most important part of this investment...

    The reason for this thread is maybe the most important issue in this whole investment - Currency Exchange Sources. What I mean is - Where will you get the best deal to exchange your Dinars once they revalue the currency?? This could be the single biggest place where you can help one another. Stop in here and fill everyone in on the details of your transaction. How were you treated? Where did you go? What were the fees? Did you get your money right away? Did they give you any perks?? Now we're talkin'!!



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    Thank you BGG and Poppy3 for all the conference calls and all the future help in cashing in.

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    Thank you for all you do.

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    Re: The most important part of this investment...

    Am living currently in New Zealand. Ready to come home to exchange. Was wondering if there is any info on exchanging here in NZ for Dong if it is tied to Dinar? And if so which banks here would be best to affiliate with. Thanks Kiwidoc

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    Re: The most important part of this investment...

    I just found out that Dinar Corp is no longer taking any new orders or payments from Texas because of a licensing issue.

    Even if you use an out of state address say from a relatives, any orders that have a postmark or payment originating from Texas will be returned according to Dinar Corp.

    I know dinar banker or sterling currency is offering a 45 day layaway program with 5 percent down, ($55.00 per million dinar) with balance of $1045.00 due in 45 days.

    Dinar Corp offered the double reserves at no extra cost. Since I can no longer order from Dinar corp does anyone know of a comparable program or prices that match what Dinar Corp offered?

    I found out in chat today that someone had used or heard of

    Has any one here had any experiences with them? Thanks for any and all suggestions. :-)

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    Re: The most important part of this investment...

    dfw49 - is not licensed in Texas - nor even in its home state of Florida. As the States get more strict with currency exchangers you are best off dealing with one that is licensed. Check anyone you are looking at doing business with here:

    Put their name in and if they are licensed they will show up.

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