Early Christmas for Iraqi military
16/11/2011 14:34
Baghdad, Nov. 16 (AKnews) -]Iraq is about to receive a sophisticated radar system free of charge from the U.S. military, the Iraqi Defense Ministry announced Wednesday. It was used by the American to protect its troops in Iraq and Iraqi forces were trained in its use.
Ministry spokesman Major General Mohammed al-Askari said the U.S. military handed the sophisticated system over without charge for the Iraqi forces to secure and protect the country's airspace.

"The Iraqi Ministry of Defense has fighter jets, helicopters and sophisticated surveillance aircraft. The Iraqi air force and Iraqi Defense Ministry are able to fill the vacuum and protect Iraqi airspace from any external or internal aggression after the withdrawal of U.S. military from Iraq."

The radar system has not been identified, nor what makes it so sophisticated. However hopefully this seasonal generosity from the U.S. government will be a boon to the Iraqi forces patrolling the skies as earlier today a spokesman for the office of the Commanding General of Iraq's armed forces said it would take at least a year to secure Iraq's airspace.

Iraqi military reports have doubted the ability of Iraqi forces to protect the borders and airspace after the departure of American troops this year saying that the country will not be ready before 2020.

Reported by Wissam al-Jaff