Now from this article it appears they are ready for the next and maybe final meeting to get the Barzani Initiatives going or implemented...........

The Iraqi List, calls for the fourth summit of the leaders of political blocs .

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Twilight News / called the Iraqi List, Wednesday, a meeting of leaders of political blocs for the diagnosis and treatment errors, confirming that the agreements Allaltazam Erbil and initiative of President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim will save the political process.

The adviser said the Iraqi List, Hani Ashour said in a statement reported to "Twilight News" The survival of the idea of quotas of political sectarianism and the dimensions of competencies because of that, and the incompatibility of the political blocs on the line of the lowest of the agreement in the crucial decisions and concern for the concerns of the people makes it imperative to review and production of the political process, a new version maintains the unity of Iraq land and people, and the distance the country from crises that seem to have become the strategic control of Iraq and to cover the corruption and failure in the management of files and security services. "

Ashour explained that "the agreements of Arbil and the initiative of Mr. Hakim Banagatha five to bring the views and away from the crisis and the adoption of the dialogue between the political blocs will be the key to the reproduction of the political process and save it from decline, which paid for the Iraqi people.

And adviser to the Iraqi List, "the size of the damage that Iraq is going through and the government's policy of non-change and calls for the regions and to amend the constitution and the launch of more powers to the provinces can be solved through dialogue to defuse the crisis that has pushed Iraq to the ends is calculated."

The Ashour that "a meeting of leaders of political blocs and diagnosis of errors and processing is much easier than taking refuge in the overlooked and left escalate," pointing out that "the reproduction of the political process in the interest of the citizen by the political agendas is the solution to Iraq from the reality bitter, especially as the U.S. withdrawal has become on the doorstep and makes it imperative to find a formula to adopt a new political action, stability and rebuild Iraq. "

It is said that leaders of political blocs met, last August, the third meeting them, have agreed on a mechanism for the survival of U.S. force to train their Iraqi counterparts after the date of withdrawal, at the time of the reservation where the Sadrist movement on this mechanism, as was also agreed to resolve the candidates of the security ministries during the two weeks, as well as a project of the National Council of the policies of the Supreme Council of Representatives.

The political blocs with a coalition of state law, which led Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to block implementation of the remaining agreements between the political blocs, especially the formation of the National Council for the strategic policies which is the maturity of the Iraqi List, and the enactment of the oil and gas, and the application of Article 140 of the Constitution, Terms of Kurds in the paper to participate in negotiating the current government