Important economic agreement pending Maliki's visit to Tokyo
16/11/2011 16/11/2011

Japanese ambassador expressed his country's readiness to support Iraq's security after the U.S. withdrawal
BAGHDAD - Al Sabah
Iraq and Japan signed during the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Tokyo next week, an important economic agreement will open new horizons of cooperation between the two.
This was announced by the "morning" Japanese Ambassador to Iraq Susuma her Segawa, indicating that Tokyo is seeking to intensify its presence in Iraq to areas all. He described the Japanese ambassador in an interview with the "morning" are published in detail in a later issue, the visit of Prime Minister is scheduled to begin next Sunday as "important" and will open a new page of bilateral cooperation, particularly in the areas of investment, industry, trade and health. revealed Segawa for the presence of dozens of projects implemented by Japanese companies in the event was the signing of the Economic Agreement, which he said provides for the protection and encouragement of investments and expand cooperation between the two countries in several areas, indicating Many companies seeking to enter the Iraqi market, particularly with regard to the sectors of oil, gas and electricity production. The ambassador of Japan: "The al-Maliki will meet during his Japanese counterpart Yoshihiko Noda and the ministers of foreign affairs, economy, in addition to his participation in the conference or a business forum held meetings with heads and managers of Japanese companies. "pledged Segawa to" continue his country's support for Iraq after the U.S. withdrawal, returned withdrawal evidence of well-being of a democratic Iraq, and expressed Tokyo's willingness to support Baghdad in the area of ​​security, without clarifying the nature of support. He also expressed Japan's readiness to help Iraq to get rid the effects of depleted uranium and the effects of radiation, said: "Japan has a successful experience in this area and is ready to support Iraq if asked." praised Segawa Iraqi initiative to support Japan during the disaster Fukushima, said: "Baghdad has provided an amount of ten million dollars to Tokyo, and the people Iraq's stop with the Japanese people, and we will stand with the Iraqis respond to religion to them. "and got" morning "on the table showing the most prominent Japanese projects being implemented or planned and the 15 projects, most notably the development of the port of Umm Qasr and the surrounding areas an estimated $ 272 million, and extending pipelines to export crude oil in the Faw area with an estimated value of $ 430 million, and the implementation of projects for the pure water in Nineveh and Anbar and Salah al-Din, as well as the implementation of water projects in the Kurdistan region net worth of $ 303 million.