Iraq and Austria agree the signing of six agreements on economic
16/11/2011 12:40

Baghdad, November 16 (Rn) - The governments of Iraq and the Austrian, Wednesday, from their agreement signed six agreements on economic worth up to $ 60 million.

The announcement came during a press conference of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Zebari and Austrian Mikhail Hbindl Akdah in Baghdad and attended by the Kurdish news agency (Rn).
He said Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said, "Austrian Foreign Minister, in Baghdad came Bmeith a large delegation of men, ages and business managers, and the delegation has a forum with the Supreme National Commission for Investment."

Zebari said, "We are trying to activate the Iraqi Higher Ministerial Austrian, and received a series of memorandums of understanding from the Austrian side, and we discussed a number of regional international issues, the fact that Austria has an important role in international forums."

For his part, said Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Hbindl during the conference, "We brought with us six agreements economic value of $ 60 million and there is scope for wider cooperation between the two sides."
He Hbindl that "pulls his hand on the Iraqi government's efforts in the development and improvement of the situation during the last years."

According to the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee that the position of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry issues of the sovereign and the outstanding issues with the neighboring countries of Kuwait, Iran and Turkey was very weak, and perhaps has not adopted an official position reflects the government's view.

Has often accused the Foreign Ministry by many political forces weakened its regional and international level and lack of success on the re-integration of Iraq with its Arab, regional and international levels.