Anbar September 23 / ​​September (Rn) - The director of the Rafidain Bank in Anbar on Sunday for issuing more than 42 thousand smart card for state employees and retirees in Fallujah and in all respects and its suburbs.

said Jamal Farhan told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Rafidain Bank branches The banks other government operate within systems modern and advanced methods of banking including the issuance of more than 42 thousand smart card to employees and retirees of Fallujah, counties and villages affiliate during the current year within the high specification precision to ensure that no rigging card and manipulation by a final. " and added that "smart cards that have been released included state employees, retirees and beneficiaries social welfare network and the Ministry of Culture and the former army all sorts of officers and care of widows and women and employees of the Ministry of Higher Education. "

and noted that "the work is continuing in the issuance of the smart card within instructions and controls are working under by the staff of government banks which collect full information citizen and took fingerprints and a recent photo and enter information in the system of secret audited monthly and add new information. " and explained that "the smart card operating specifications minutes where not rigged final in the event of damaged we renew and if injury employee or retiree and the beneficiary illness difficult emergence footprint be There is a process and an agency to one of his relatives to exchange his salary until his recovery. "

He continued that "the smart card for state employees and retirees is one of the most important achievements and there are ways to pay their salaries within the government banks or in the offices were opened in cities across Anbar to facilitate the work of the staff of banks and to reduce the momentum and not to delay citizens When reviewing bank branches. "