Maliki adviser: Iranian pressure on Baghdad to keep the Assad regime
11:02:23 / 09/2012

Khandan - said the "homeland" Saudi Arabia, "the Iraqi government, recognized by their exposure to Iranian pressure to keep the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad," emphasizing Iraqi government "to adopt a peaceful solution procedure and respect the will of the Syrian people in achieving its objectives."
The newspaper quoted "home" for Ali al-Moussawi, media advisor to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, saying that "Tehran is pressing on Baghdad to support the regime in Damascus, adding that there were attempts to drag Iraq into a axes feuding in the region, the first system supports Damascus and the other adopts arming the opposition and Iraq rejects attempts and there are a lot of pressures faced in order to join one of the two axes. "

Al-Moussawi said that Iraq sees interest of the Syrian people "reject arming and supporting a peaceful solution and we initiative in this regard include 17 points Highlights of the formation of a transitional government involving the various parties in Syria as a prelude to elections decide where the Syrian people will of away from foreign interference."

The paper also quoted the Saudi political analyst Saad al-Hadithi as saying that "the U.S. administration had previously demanded the Iraqi government's position is supportive of the Syrian opposition, Iran informed the authorities in Baghdad of its wish to maintain the regime in Damascus for regional accounts."