Central Bank denies his warnings about the collapse of the currency and the fall of the Iraqi economy
15/11/2011 20:08

Baghdad / Orr News
Denied the CBI information that talked about the warnings of the collapse of the currency and the fall of the Iraqi economy, and the Central Bank and on the lips of an expert the first appearance of Mohammed Saleh that he did not inform him talking about the collapse of the currency in light of a slight increase of inflation, especially since everyone knows that the rates of inflation in 2003 was more than 52% and by the policies of the Central Bank has managed to be reduced gradually to less than one decimal that is between 37%. This is a success record in favor of Iraq's economic policy and the success of the tools the central bank.

He said inflation is closely linked to the activity of this commodity and gains occur in certain seasons due to increased consumption of a commodity without the other and back down, and this case in the rest of the other commodities, and such increases do not affect in any way to economic stability.

Salih stressed that the phenomenon of rising inflation is not a phenomenon of Iraq as much as what is now a global phenomenon experienced by most countries of the world, including Iraq, as a result of commodity price trends, services and food upward, but that the central bank is able to contain the phenomenon of what is owned by means of solid and also the presence of indicators of economy faculty of strong reserves and the payments system in Iraq. and in favor of the key successes recorded in favor of the bank is happy on the prices of the Iraqi dinar exchange for more than four years and enable it to strengthen the dinar world, and this reflected positively on the buying power of the Iraqi individual.