Central Bank: Iraq needs a process of administrative reform of the currency
14/11/2011 - 9:02

Baghdad / justice
While emphasizing the Central Bank of Iraq Iraq's need for the administrative reform of the currency monetary said bank adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that «the project to change the currency in Iraq is a step comes as part of the country's needs to the process of administrative reform of the currency in order to reduce the cost of cash transactions in the economic process

In addition to the need for coins of categories of small use in the circulation of small transactions daily «. He added that« all proposals and needs were studied and included a project to delete the zeros from the currency of Iraq has been submitted to the government and is now in the process of study and debate, but will take a long time until the direct implementation of that Project Strategy affect the country's economy and if the program was approved Vstsahbh education process and the announcement of the citizens and the statement of duties and necessity of continued benefit of «with regard to government's efforts to raise oil exports to increase Allowaradt and financial income of the state must deal with this side of caution and not to build great hopes on rising world oil prices as much reliance on capacity expansion of exports if Maraafqatha increase in prices and this is the best and which should go to activate the economic movement in the country and reduce the capitalist real material in other economic sectors and this is the map of the real economic which should be at this image «. and that" Iraq is a rich country and has a wealth of significant natural, but we now need to organize administrative and economic better addition to having a strong will and agenda of the right economic than what exists today on the political agenda and quotas factional and party as well as the cooperation of all for the advancement of the country and raise the standard of living of citizens. "