Director General of the Rasheed Bank's (WAP): 20 million to replace the cars of the public sector for those wishing to purchase
Sun 13/11/2011 12:57

WAP - Abdul-Ghani al-Saidi
The Ministry of Finance that the Rasheed Bank proceeded to grant advances, retirees and loans to buy cars productivity. The general director of the Rasheed Bank Kazem Mohammad fistula in a statement singled out by the news agency reported Baghdad International "father" the project loans taxis constant is distributed between the Rafidain and Rasheed as Mesopotamia adopted policy of financing the purchase of vehicles.

Taxis in all provinces either good built finance the purchase of vehicles private and productive vehicles and car finance tutoring is through the request of the ministries and provincial councils, to nominate them for those who request their inclusion in this regard and productive vehicles were awarded to two reasons the first is the bank customers who work in commerce, industry, real estate and who need to the production cars were also granted to the provincial councils that need to buy cars productivity benefit the population in their provinces,.
He added that the bank made to facilitate new to all the provinces to replace the public transport vehicles with new cars due to their age and thus was introduced to the well-funded by the provincial councils to nominate people from its citizens to replace these cars reach the level of 20 million Ddinrlkl wishing to purchase these cars.

He said the bank has developed mechanisms for the granting of loans and advances where he facilitated several measures grants where the bank has issued instructions at the end of last July, has been distributed to all ministries and state departments covered by lending its staff by the Rasheed Bank and the instructions state that the heads of departments who nominate bits of Mozvien the owners hard and who really need a housing loan because of certain circumstances, to pass, and that the bank has opened a period of implementation of this project to 24 months and was therefore expected from circles that nominating groups as needed and not nominate the entire staff of the Department for that he will he can not bank providing a full needs Mozvien of These loans to the large number

He fistula that the Bank is continuing to develop technical and technological capacities to him through the application of the banking system overall, which will hopefully start by the middle of this year, as well as access to systems other assistance in cases of archiving, control and internal control in addition to that the bank participated the end of last year's system of communication for urgent dealings during the offshore banking system through its dealings Swaib mail.
He explained that the multiplicity of actors that give the mortgage loan needs to reorganize more needs to be what the space that works Real Estate Bank and the Housing Fund and to any other target or any other segments of society will be covered by the granting of loans and then commercial banks (Rafidain and Rasheed) The granting of loans to the slices other citizens to be regular work and not to Ttakerramilit grants for two reasons or more and thus the employee's salary will be not enough to Atsudaid two loans from two sides at once, so the multiplicity of points of the loan housing needs to be re-Altzim to include more than one person of a specialized topic loan housing.