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    Rv obama proceeds news

    Not anything much that is new to report in the Dinar process. We do see more progress as things move along. We have a disagreement explained below.

    NOTE: We disagree here. We do agree in principal with these Dan PTR comments. We totally and completely disagree with his conclusion! He does not realize that the implications of the RV on Obama's campaign does NOT have to be right away.
    Because Obama won't handle it like that. He will wait until just before the election and then he will announce a huge multi-trillion dollar loan from the world bank, or other bank, that he engineered, at a super reduced rate that will save our economy and guarantee his re-election. The collateral for the Huge Loan will be the Millions of barrels of oil, from the RV, that the USA signed contracts for at $32.00 per barrel. These contracts were engineered by George W. Bush back in 2004. These Trillions in Contracts are perfect collateral for a huge loan that will save America from collapse for awhile.

    My humble opinion is that if Obama does this he will be re-elected! Imagine, if you will, that this loan will be announced two weeks prior to the election. - Patrick

    9-10-2012 Dan (PTR): We've all had some pretty strong thoughts in the past about the timing but the fact is we're all still here. If this thing doesn't happen really soon I don't see it happening at Obama's request, in order to influence the election. My rationalization is that the election doesn't matter at this point because there's not enough time for the numbers to have an effect or time to be applied to the economy of the USA. That's all future things that would affect a future administration.

    If this goes past this week I don't see them revaluing to have anything to do with the election. Whoever the big people are that are holding this up are still holding it. I have been thinking toward a future date myself but my feelings are that if it goes past this week we could be waiting until after the election. It's either gotta be really soon or maybe after the election.

    We hear that a meeting of importance between the leaders of Iraq is supposed to happen this week. It has been claimed that Maliki will also attend. This is all good news for us. We do not hear anything negative but, have only very positive news for our investment. No, I would not listen to very many news reports right now. News in Iraq right now is most likely to be smoke than anything of substance. We really have almost no new news to report. Yes, this is very obviously intentional. Watch for some gurus to make up some news to entertain you.

    Talabani called the political blocs to hold a National Meeting, especially after the receding state of crisis between the various politicians. The purpose of the meeting is to reach an agreement between the blocks to clear terms and to ensure that resolution of the current differences. This meeting is good for us because it encourages understanding.

    We hear that the conflict between the CBI, Maliki's guys and the Finance Committee is going to be resolved by negotiations. Maliki uses these created situations for political leverage. These guys can find anything that will hold up the RV. But, it is only Maliki trying to get more control and then claiming to investigate the situation and eventually resolving the issue.
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