Mobile Internet and go out for the postman coverage
On: Sat 12/11/2011 10:26

Baghdad / term
has seen the work of departments traditional mail in Iraq, a significant decline in recent years after the entry of mobile phone services and the Internet to the country and, while stressing postman that citizens are surprised continuation of the service, noted the Directorate of Post and save that 90% of the mail messages in Iraq circulating among government institutions.

The postman Abdul Razak asked in an interview told Alsumaria News, "The messages coming to the post office are sorted according to their titles, and takes all the messenger messages for the region responsible for and stems of the distribution, whether one or more than that," noting that "some people surprised the continued service delivery of messages to their homes so far. "
He demanded that "the sons of the areas we are distributing messages where they used us because we are in contact with them over 24 hours, where we were in the past to distribute lists of phone on the citizens."
For his part, he considered Mohammed Hussein "The mail was instrumental to the community and citizens," expected, at the same time, "the extinction or the extinction of the service delivery of mail to the lack of follow-up to them."
For his part, he said, 'Omar Ali "The paper-based communications have nostalgia in her words, but the messages Mobile do not have this feature. "
He explained that "e-mail is better than mail messages because of the availability of the Internet to homes all Iraqi," pointing out that "mail disappeared by 90% due to the availability of communications through the mobile phone and Internet."
In turn, Director of the Directorate of e- savings and Safa al-Din Badr "There are a large number of people still use the mail with their families and their friends and their families at home and abroad," adding that "90% of the current work in the mail within Iraq are among the government institutions and government departments."
The correspondence of citizens in the former with their families and their friends and their families inside and outside of Iraq is through the mail messages, due to the lack of modern technology such as the Internet and mobile phone, but it fell in the nineties of the last century, after the entry of the Internet to the country significantly and wider after 2003, as well as mobile phone service that has spread in all provinces.