Preachers at Friday prayers in Babylon emphasize the unity of Iraq
11-11-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)

During Friday prayers in mosques speakers stressed the close ranks of Babylon and synergy and formation of national cohesion.

They also called for "non-discrimination to oppose us efforts to pressure and plotting to create territories of some provinces in order to confuse the security situation with the near withdrawal of the occupation and the creation of a political argument and give justifications for survival and sectarian sedition and return to the 2006, and also called for providing essential services to citizens and to accelerate achievement and accreditation of competencies and to provide the best services of water and electrical constraints solution."

Employing "ashado by troops and concern for national duty and their police forces and security and intelligence working activation and its role in the formation of information on armed groups and learn advance planning and proactive support strikes to reduce the security and stability."

Also invited to the Imam Ali mosque Imam (peace be upon him) in Babylon, Sheikh Ahmad alrdwani, "the local Government to intensify efforts to advance the practice and service gaps and knowledge change to actually create and reconstruct and concrete services configuration touched by alpapel".

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