Preparations to receive the base in Nasiriyah

Nasiriyah-Hazem Mohammed Habib
According to high-ranking Iraqi army 10th Division that led the band plans to assume responsibility for protecting the Imam Ali military base, one of the largest US military base in Iraq, which lies West of the city of Nasiriyah after receipt from the US side according to plans complete withdrawal scheduled for the end of the year. "source in a press release, 10th Brigade troops in the Iraqi army in coordination with the Directorate of police in the QAR database protection will forward to air after the withdrawal of US troops, including full And delivered to the Iraqi side in the coming weeks.
He stressed that the US side is currently training Iraqi extensively to manage tower which oversees the management of air traffic and civil military before being handed over to the Iraqi side such as the date of withdrawal. He explained that rule would be capable of receiving high-quality fighter aircraft, especially that Iraq actually purchased a number of these aircraft from the United States, stating that Iraqi air Squadron stationed at base 70 forward at walking sorties continuously monitoring surveillance using fixed-wing aircraft.