Maliki: Iraq difficult number cannot be divided by two

Everyone invited to preserve national identity. Announced readiness to increase the powers of District Councils
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki called on all political partners to preserve national identity, saying the Central Government's willingness to increase the powers of the provincial councils.
This came during a meeting in the formal library a number of Iraqi artists.
During the meeting, Al-Maliki said: "the State in which we are civil State collected the artist and the writer, Professor and poet the physician and other segments of society."
The Prime Minister added that "Iraqi art needed care and support because it has gone through difficult phases led to disable all creations", stressing the importance of its role in society because it possesses the ability to address people in several ways.
Maliki said, according to a statement from his Office had received "Sabah" copy: "we are partners in this nation and distinguish between one person and another, and everyone maintaining national identity, and we want the Iraqi artist to submit possible in this command, because it has a great responsibility in this area."
He said: "we need today to children's culture so we pick the fruits of our children in the coming years, inviting interested in this topic to focus and develop appropriate programmes."
Maliki pledged to provide assistance and support to Iraqi artists, for their basic tasks related to building the human being, through supporting the film and theatre and drama.
For their part, the artists during the meeting, a presentation of their projects and proposals which aim to develop Iraqi art in cinema, theatre, drama, television, radio, and make it supportive of statehood and national unity and the people. "
Articles it thanks and appreciation to his Prime Minister, Iraqi artists and supporting them and everything would develop Iraqi art and make it distinctive place.
It was Al-Maliki visited Karbala province last week, he met baloghaa and intellectuals in the County.
The Prime Minister told a gathering of intellectuals and notables in the governorate of Karbala: "come to the feast which is unit stations which unite them all Muslims, and live these days blessed we are need for brotherhood and love and cohesion to meet the challenges."
"We want to build and reconstruct our country and make it coherent and uniform and based on justice and equality, the Constitution and the law and fundamental freedoms, sovereignty, independence and away from sectarianism and marginalization, cancellation, and most serious sectarian policies is experienced after we the people and harmonious coexistence of all its components, but God kobrt and completed sectarianism under the national reconciliation and the role of clans and civil society organizations, writers, poets, artists and athletes reflected".
Prime rose: "we want a unified and coherent with its national unity and territorial integrity and people", adding that a difficult number cannot be divided by two.
Added: "it is not possible to increase the voice of dictatorship, and seeking to reorganize themselves to this goal must declare their repentance of ideas", stating that "the Constitution and the law of Iraq governed by, and the circulation of power and resorting to the judiciary and security personnel to observe their duties away from politics, and move our country toward construction, reconstruction, and to build good relations with all countries in the world on the basis of mutual respect and common interests, non-interference in internal affairs."
"The trend towards the establishment of federations and territories is unconstitutional, but the choice of time for this command is very important, and it must be under national unity and commitment to the country, we have seen people stand when Saladin refused this demand and kept the unity of their country."
As the Federal Government was prepared to increase the powers of the provincial councils in accordance with the Constitution.
In his visits to the provinces, met Prime Minister in Dhi Qar Province local government members in the County.
Maliki reiterated the need to provide full support for the preservation of historic heritage, which owns the governorates and culturally, in addition to the sacrifices made by the sons of the province.
The Prime Minister said: "the country's future on the withdrawal of US forces. This calls for caution and awareness of our enemies ", indicating that some want revenge while others seek to infiltrate and return to power again like tried Baath party.
He said the Iraqi model unique in the region in terms of its political system and democratic experiment, therefore, some seek to confuse the security situation and stop the construction and reconstruction.
He noted that Iraq cut important strides in the process of building its economy therefore betting to confuse the situation after the US withdrawal is the most important, because security was two years ago, but our security agencies.
Maliki said during the meeting that "the Government is completing the process of construction and reconstruction of the country" and urged officials to focus on investment in development and construction.
The Prime Minister stated that it is necessary to conduct a careful planning of provincial budget on the basis of project delivery service being a priority.
During the meeting with tribal councils attribution in the County, the Prime Minister that security agreement was successful and a mutual commitment and sincerity, although some claim that the Convention disparaging partners, noting that every inch of it, each party tries to tamper with a safe.
And he cautioned that "some imagine that our preoccupation with the fight against terrorism are concerned about these traitors and murderers who destroyed the country think of standing behind the possibility of back again", stating that this is unacceptable and cannot be a partner in the daytime and at night with the Government with terrorism.
The Prime Minister said that the door is open to those erred or forced error at the time of the previous regime if he wanted to be a partner, pointing out that some who wanted to go under the umbrella of national reconciliation to degenerate party ideas, are included in the arrests.
And the Prime Minister stressed the need to abide by all partners within the partnership and say the right even to themselves, noting that some partners looking for negatives they exist and we cannot deny it, but it is not possible that authorized officials of a State against another official statement and affect State policy and security.
Prime revealed the existence of some protections partners become a safe haven for criminals and killers using weapons and vehicles, adding that "those protections blow up and kill and murder this unacceptable and it is time to say no."
Maliki also called on all partners to adhere to boundaries of partnership or resign from the Government and shift to the opposition, saying: "the right political partners resign and switch to oppose if they disagree and have the right to resign," he said, adding that Iraq has, but who must bear responsibility.