I need help!!!!!
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Thread: I need help!!!!!

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    I need help!!!!!

    I don't know if anyone else has this problem but I could really use some help. I like to listen to BGG & Poppy's talks. When I try to use the LINK provided in DinarRecaps.com or try to access by tapping on the "Striaght Talking Radio Banner" it goes to main stream network.com and it doesn't load, nothing shows up. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, rjw2415
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    same here...I never get the "LIVE" CALL. All I get is a prior recording! I gave up and just try to catch the recording when it comes out.

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    rjw2415 .. deegy ..

    Really sorry to hear you're having trouble with that. I know just a few are in your predicament and not sure how to resolve it, but maybe try this:

    1) Make sure your browser is current on update but DO NOT UPDATE JAVA ... that interferes with chatroom. (If you need help with Java go here: https://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...ess-Issues-*** )

    2. Try using a different browser ... Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome ...

    Hope that helps!

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    Firefox worked, thanks...

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