Oil official: The government warned Exxon's agreement with the Kurdistan
11/11/2011 11:50 Economy ,

In the framework of the conflict between the Iraqi central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraqi oil official said a senior on Friday that the Iraqi government warned Exxon Mobil last month that any contracts for oil exploration signed with the government of Iraqi Kurdistan would be illegal and could lead to end its agreement to develop the field West Qurna oilfield.

And "Reuters" quotes from 'Abd al-Mahdi al-Amidi, the Director of Contracts and Licensing at the Ministry of Oil said the central government was aware that the big American company is in talks with the government of the Kurdish autonomous north of Iraq on the six sites and warned of "serious consequences" if the agreements were signed.

And intensified the differences between the center and the region following the recent signing of a partnership oil contracts with international companies to invest in oil fields in Kurdistan without the approval of the Ministry of Oil.

Amidi said to Reuters: "Exxon Mobil could face disqualification and ending the contract with the ministry."