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    For BGG-Definition needed

    I have been in this over 8 years. I have heard many definitions of different things dinar related. I have become confused as to exactly what re-evaluation means. I know RD. I know RI. Thanks for everything.

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    Good question.

    RD = Re-denomination (LOP - not going to happen)...

    RI = Reinstatement - reset it to the value prior to devaluing (also not going to happen - they have already "incrementally" moved it up)...

    RV = Revaluation - assigning a new value to the same money (is typically done and referred to as "adjustments" - however, once it gets past the "adjustment" stage - as in bigger - it's called something different)...



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    arizmtnman, did BGG answer your question sufficiently, or were you asking specifically about the term "Re-evaluation" as opposed to "revaluation" or RV, the term we use for a substantial raise in the value of the Iraqi dinar? Like you, I have noticed that someone has been talking about a "re-evaluation" as opposed to an RV, and it could be the person is just misspelling revaluation by adding an extra "e." but it's hard to know for sure. Was that your question, or did you mean "revaluation?"

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