Deputy for Iraq: We reject the idea of ​​freezing the Constitution and we will abide by the implementation of all agreements
10/11/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) Baghdad (news)

confirmed leader of the Reconciliation Movement, and MP / coalition in Iraq / Qusay Jumaa Abadi, a mass that is committed to the Constitution in all cases until the issues agreed upon, al-Maliki rejected a proposal to freeze the Constitution and working political consensus. Ebadi said in a statement (the Agency news) on Thursday: The Constitution is the ruling and only to the Iraqi government, and agreed upon between the political blocs. He Abbadi: The provisions of the constitution are binding on all parties Alalumblyh political, stating: The political agreements are to form government, not to change the Constitution. He said Iraqi MP to: that the consensus work of progress for a certain period, either the Constitution Shi continuous and can be changed. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, has proposed a working line or freezing the Constitution or work line and the Constitution Sewtona to resolve the political crisis, pledging to increase the powers of the provinces, at the same time complained that al-Maliki of some of its partners. and threatened to al-Maliki during a meeting with tribal sheikhs in Karbala on Wednesday, Baathist campaign of arrests in the case of non-declared acquitted of the dissolved Baath Party, said, waited the coming days, Vansgm Baltbry of the Baath Party before the start of campaign again. Maliki rejected a talk by politicians for the marginalization and the lack of partners, stressing that the trial of the people to Sasien will be through the next election, the public decision-maker, and the ballot boxes that will try all. and the prime minister: he must solve the political differences and the trend towards reconstruction and construction, and that are not taken to the security through the creation of partners are working honestly, as well as the elimination of sectarianism. Maliki said: "We are in the stations of the Tawhid and live these days in a state of cohesion so must continue with it and Anfqdha, as we are to meet the continuing challenges facing our rising, and continued: Yes, the people of Iraq want to live with dignity and on the basis of justice and the Constitution and the law, freedoms and hear the voice of the people that spend a period of dictatorship, experienced by some people now.

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