Eid in Iraq .. Rituals and traditions
On: Saturday 18/08/2012 23:44

Iraqis celebrated the festivals are many and varied, in addition to celebrating festivals of national concern them understand and participate also celebrating the Muslim and Arab world Baeidi Adha and Fitr blessed, and Asmonhma Balaidalkbirwalaidalsgar.
Like all peoples have their rituals are characterized by special occasion for other inherited from their ancestors and the teachings of the Islamic religion, which emphasized the strengthening of social relations and humanitarian civil society.

Said Abu Sadi's / WAP / "on this occasion Atzaur Iraqis among themselves, the neighbors first, relatives and friends, and be appropriate opportunity nice to fix the affection between adversaries, whether they are neighbors or relatives or friends help philanthropists and notables of the people."
The Abu Hammam believes that the preparations Iraqis differ in receiving Eid al-Fitr, between committed ritual social and family that used to be performed, and the last to find that the taste of the feast has changed from what it was, and continues to Iraqi families in the last days of the month of Ramadan for Eid al-Fitr.
And confirms Abu Hammam said his wife and with the last day of the month of Ramadan prepare sweets and pastries Iraqi and buy new clothes to cleaning houses to brace on the first day of the feast to welcome visitors from friends, through their stay in the house, on the second day to visit relatives, and the third day Vijssouna for their families where they go to visit the holy shrines of Imams and saints or go to the parks and the city of games to entertain children or perhaps vice versa according to each individual desire.

Necessity is the mother Younis aged 60 years said that "preparations Iraqis were larger in the past years, and more than half of the ritual feast had been canceled did not exercise, and each person according to its circumstances the physical and moral integrity, while others maintained on this ritual for pension conditions."
Confirm or Younis said, "remember we are older in years past how people at the feast, more Tkacva and closer, and they bemoan the loss of a lot of characteristics and nature, and no longer of this ritual almost only work" pies "and give" Eid "for children."

M Sadiq housewife said that "what distinguishes the Iraqi feast is a dessert pies of flour, ghee, sugar stuffed with nuts, dates and sesame in small molds and a variety of prepared for this purpose and size of the nut or greater."
Confirmed or ratified "Most of her family members sitting to manufacture enjoyably big with the launch of jokes and congratulations on this occasion beautiful, and after completing placed closed ranks in large Chinese, carried by women to the furnace in the camp, and after maturity served with tea or cold drinks depending on the season if summer or winter, for family members and visitors. "

The Eid says about the citizen as "the adult family members are given cash and simple gifts for Sgarotkon this Alaidaat amount of joy and pleasure, and boast in their collection in front of others of their friends, and buy out the delicious candy and food and buy other games, and after that go adult to visit neighbors and friends left behind a lot of young pockets are full of money, to play and fun, especially riding the swings and cupboards and grades, animals or carts these animals. "

The Hajj Abu Mustafa Alani says that "there is an important ritual feast does not die ... the more Iraqis Go to the cemetery to visit the graves of the dead workshops with water and light candles and incense and reading the Quran and supplications propria beside them."

He Ani "This weather practiced by Iraqis at the feast, and specifically in the first days, especially in popular areas where flocking huge numbers to the cemetery first day of Eid, a tradition Toarzh to reflect on the state to meet with the deceased, especially with the large number of victims as a result of wars and disasters that have passed in Iraq."

In spite of the differences in the first day of the beginning of religious holidays, but the Iraqis cling joy collective, and traditions that afflict the respondents, especially as religious holidays in Iraq of interest to people significantly, being focused on social relationships and kinship, and provide food and drinks and desserts are rare, and the preservation of rituals and celebrations collective, and by all the remaining security Gala adult dreams next to the young, is to achieve security, stability and well-off from the vicissitudes of age Each year, Iraq A good thousand.