Deputy: Maliki showed flexibility in the settlement of contentious issues between Baghdad and Erbil
PUKmedia Leila Shammari / Baghdad 11.09.2011 14:28:00

A member of the House of Representatives from a coalition of state law WIN within the National Alliance MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki said the leader of his coalition and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki expressed a high flexibility for the settlement of contentious issues between the center and the Kurdistan Region with regard to article 140 and the oil and gas law, and called Arbil forming units shall protect the security.

And Abdul Salam al-Maliki told PUKmedia, today, Wednesday, 09/11, that goodwill exists in the National Alliance and the rule of law need to resolve the dispute as to ensure the success of the political process and the relationship with partners, the adoption of the Constitution.

This is already Baghdad and Erbil that have agreed to set up three committees, the task of how to implement a paper Kurdish demands ten and nine, including the adoption of the Constitution guarantees the stability of the political process in the country.