Maliki intends to go to the Federal Court to challenge the legal requirement Saladin
08/11/2011 15:59

Baghdad, November 8 (Rn) - A leading figure in the State of Law Coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced an intention to provide the latest legal challenge to the Federal Court after the Eid al-Adha holiday on the application submitted by the Salah ad Din province to make the territories.

He announced the Board of Salahuddin province last month that two-thirds majority vote in favor of turning the province to the territory of an independent administratively and economically for the federal government.

The announcement came just days after a campaign by the Iraqi security forces, which netted hundreds of people in different parts of the country, including the province of Salahuddin.

The government said that the campaign against Baathists and military officers in the former Iraqi army were planning to overthrow the political process in Iraq and the overthrow of the ruling party after the departure of U.S. troops from the country's year-end.

The arrests coincided with the procedures carried out by the Ministry of Higher Education affected dozens of university professors from the University of Salahaddin, the ministry said they were former Baathists and they are covered by the procedures of the accountability and justice.

And caused public outrage in campaigns is not big in Salahuddin province, and even other provinces with a majority Sunni.

Maliki condemned the declaration of the province of Salah al-Din described the declaration as an attempt to establish a zone that protects the Baathists and the outlawed Baath Party in Iraq under the Iraqi constitution. He said, "This region will not see the light."

The leader of the state law Izzat Shabandar, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Prime Minister intends to submit a legal challenge to the Federal Court on the request submitted by Saladin for our non-legal demand being the interface to hide behind political ends may harm the future of the country."

And that "the challenge will include documents and evidence indicates that the request is based on the serious issues may destroy the future of the country, coupled with an international agenda that may affect the unity of the country."

Shabandar said that "the right of the judiciary to have a chapter of opinion on the application of Salahuddin province, especially as the evidence to be submitted to the judiciary containing the names of politicians had been bribed to support the project region and other evidence to prove site receipt of funds from any international destination provided."

And allow the Iraqi constitution which was drafted in 2005 for the establishment of the Iraqi provinces of regions with a great deal of financial and administrative independence of the Federal Government as the Constitution allows provinces to establish the territory of one or more subscribers.

The Board of Salah al-Din al-Maliki surprised intention to go to the Federal Court to challenge the decision, and at the same time warned of the "politicization" of the judiciary.

The Vice-President of the Council Seyhan Mullah horses (Rn) that "the Council is ready to make another request to the Council of Ministers to take into account any legal challenge to the Federal Court in the case of Re the previous application."

He added that "more than 25 members of the Council of the province showed their willingness to sign a new application after he signed a 19-member first application."

Mulla said that the horses, "the first application was based on the provisions of the law of the executive procedures to form regions No. 13 of 2008, not without flaws of the legal terms. We hope the prime minister not to politicize the judiciary and entered the political party in the dispute about the configuration of the regions."

Is not required for the approval of the Iraqi constitution, the prime minister or any other agency of the federal establishment. But is required for approval tenth of the population to maintain or one third of the provincial council for a referendum in the province. Required in the referendum, a majority of votes in that province.

It is expected now that the Council of Ministers shall submit a request Salahuddin province, who sent him earlier this month to the Electoral Commission within 15 days from the date of receipt of the request according to law.

The expert in constitutional law, Dr. Ali Al-Zubaidi (Rn) that "the legal challenge must be based on real evidence shows that demand is not consistent with the constitutional provisions or the provisions of the laws in force but that is based on considering the political climate is not suitable it a political decision, not income to spend it. "