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    I just want to say your gift for research is AWESOME! Truly a gift...a gift to share which you do freely. Now I have been watching them beg you to be on a call and you say you are shy. That is fear...stage fright. Sweetie...God hath not given you a spirit of fear. Fear is an evil ploy to hold people back from their full potential. Please don't give in to this trick! I'm fairly certain you talk on the phone with BGG all the time...and that is all it is, a phone call with BGG! Let BGG lead you, he does it all the time on the chat, you jump to his rescure with the web address of what he is talking about and you do it at a moments notice. You are his support, memory, backup and that is what he NEEDS on the call. Your support and you do this SOOO WELL! YES...YOU HAVE BEEN OBSERVED! YOU CAN DO THIS! So if you are watched you might as well kick "FEAR" to the curb and be heard. The first few min will be the worst but it will pass quickly and it will just be you and BGG have a chat! Think about it that way...You will be AWESOME! You will wonder what you made such a fuss about, trust me! I can't wait to hear you!

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    I promise - she's not afraid. Of what you think anyway. I completely appreciate her contributions and if she decides to join us - there is an open invitation.


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    Just saw her post that she was "SHY" and wanted to share encourgement. I too enjoy her contributions to your world of information, Hopefully she will decide to bless us with more of herself and GET ON A CALL! LOL

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