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    Forex question for BGG

    Firstly, Thank you BGG, Poppy3 and the mods for all your time and understanding you put forth for all to share. I have learned a lot in a short period of time from you and your willingness to share is greatly appreciated.

    My question is, if the Iraq dinar is not going to be a Forex tradable currancy, like some have said, how will we know it has revalued? Will it be a public announcement? just show up on bank screens? Where will the information be aside from being on an email list?

    Sorry if this sounds dumb, but I have always been poor and never thought I would ever be in this position of learning about money and how it works. I feel so much is over my head but I am learning daily. I just thank God I was chosen to be a part of this divine blessing .

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    The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. We're all here to help (if we can). It is actually a pretty good question. However, there won't be a shortage of "outlets" to carry the news. Though it is highly unlikely Forex carries the IQD - based on the "float mechanics" (if Shabibi has ultimate control), we'll hear about any significant value change immediately. For instance - chattels checks the CBI by about 5 am everyday and posts it for all to see. You won't miss it - I promise.


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    So basically, the website is where we will get our info. Is there any other source that one would be able get that information? I don't even know what the CBI is, LOL, told you I was dumb! However I can look it up! I just want to be responsible and do what the Lord would have me do with this money since he is intrusting it to me. I certainly don't want him to ask how much I have multiplied it and I don't have something good to show for it! I have been learning so much the past few months my brain hurts yet I feel I have barely scratched the surface. LOL
    Thank you again BGG...Your dedication and wisdom is deeply appreciated! God has richly blessed you in this area and you are paying it forward by sharing!

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