Biden makes phone call to Maliki, expresses support to government's efforts of imposing authority on borders

Baghdad (NINA) – Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki received on Thursday afternoon, Aug. 2, a phone call from US Vice President Jo Biden.

Informed source said that Biden and Maliki discussed latest developments in the area and means to consolidate Iraq-US relations on all levels

He added that Maliki stressed the necessity to develop bilateral relations in accordance with the Strategic Frame Agreement concluded between the two countries.

Maliki affirmed that Iraq is moving ahead to impose its authority along its borders to prevent any breach that contradicts the government's policy of not to interfere in other country's affairs and to prevent any infiltration that contradicts the government's policy and moves that infringe internal security.

For his part, Biden expressed satisfaction over the government's efforts to consolidate its authority and taking required measures to safeguard its borders, being the Federal Government's task.

He also expressed pleasure on the government's oil policy to consolidate its international exports.

He pointed out that both sides agreed to continue dialogue on all issues of common interest. / End.