Othman al-Maliki calls to put pressure on Washington and the United Nations to help Iraq out of Chapter VII
11/06/2011 | (Voice of Iraq)

Sumerian News / Baghdad invited the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, a Sunday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to put pressure on Washington during his visit to the implementation of the Framework Agreement signed between the two countries and help Iraq out of Chapter VII, and when he said that Americans Atadhiron some securities, including Kuwait to justify not helping Iraq in this area, accused Washington of being behind the high incidence of corruption in the country. Mahmoud Othman, said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's visit to Washington "is important for the establishment of a new period of relations between Iraq and the United States, and on the basis of two states," noting that "relations in the past eight or nine years were not balanced a lot, did not adhere to the U.S. pledges not arm and equip the Iraqi forces did not provide the necessary technology for the defense of themselves against terrorism. " Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced, on the fourth of this November, he will pay an official visit to the United States in the 12 December next, indicating that this visit comes in the context of deepening friendship, cooperation and common interests between the two countries. He Osman said that the "delegation of the owners must be from all parties to discuss the relations balanced between Iraq and America," pointing to the need to "create files that will be discussed before the visit, which must be transparent to inform citizens on what is going through." and called Osman, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki "The pressure on America and the United Nations and the countries that have a role in the Security Council to remove Iraq from Chapter VII," asserting that he "can not keep Iraq is completely independent and all its affairs is balanced with the others." Osman said that "What is required from the Iraqi side that insists the activation and implementation of the Framework Agreement signed between Iraq and the United States for the benefit of Iraq, including, as it includes aspects of the diplomatic, political, cultural, health, environmental, and many of the issues that are in favor of Iraq, "pointing to" we have since the security agreement in 2008, we have not only promises , such as the promise of helping us get out of Chapter VII, but they do not, and if they do not want to get out of Iraq from Chapter VII. " accused the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, the United States of America "the high incidence of corruption in Iraq by companies, large companies such as (CPA)", indicating that "Americans and the name of immunity also abused their use and they are harming Iraqis in some cases." The minister said that "the occupation is over and the next period is the state against the state," he says. The U.S. President Barak Obama said in the 21 last October that his country's forces in the Occupied Iraq will be in the United States during the holidays, stressing that Washington will support Iraq in all fields, as Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the need to begin a new phase of strategic relations after the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq on schedule end of the year 2011. Under the security agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington at the end of November 2008 that it should withdraw all U.S. forces from all territories and waters and airspace of Iraq not later than 31 December of 2011 the current, having withdrawn U.S. combat forces under the Convention, cities, villages and towns of Iraq on June 30 2009. Iraq has signed and the United States, too, in 2008, the Framework Agreement strategy to support the ministries and agencies of the Iraqi transition from the strategic partnership with the Republic of Iraq to the areas of economic, diplomatic, cultural and security, based on reducing the number of reconstruction teams in the provinces, as well as providing important sustainable for the rule of law, including the police development program and the completion of the coordination and supervision and the report of the Fund for Iraq relief and reconstruction.