Maliki during a meeting with the leaders of the Ministry of Interior: Watch conspiracy against Iraq will not stop
Ali Aldhargam - 06/11/2011 m - 1:00 PM

Maliki warned the security forces of the conspirators, whom he called on Iraq, students from the security forces confronted and confronting terrorism and end its presence in Iraq.

He said when he met well-wishers of the leaders of the Ministry of Interior on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha: "We hope that the feast will be one of the stations and Agafnaha together to counter terrorism, gathered from all parts of the world and this stance would type history in letters of light because it was the title of the courage and hope on tents misery on Iraq noting that the sons of the Ministry of Interior fought valiantly and gave thousands of martyrs in the face of this terrorism. "

He added: "Iraq and the Secretariat of Banaguena series seems to be conspiring against it will not stop, and this is evidence from Iraq for fear that if he got up it will be a giant."

He continued: "Iraq is a giant not intervened in the other as the former regime, but that the giant does not have room for tests or for those who want to tamper with our security and the security of others."

Maliki said: "Iraq remains the Department of danger and needs to be vigilant to confront those who try to tamper with its security and plan to have this holiday gala blood and steal the joy of the faces of people and orphans, stressing that address the firm and ongoing monitoring and intrusion is the one who put an end to these terrorists and foiled their evil intentions."

And Ray-Maliki said the security forces has become a high experience to confront terrorism and that there are countries waiting for us to convey this experience have to deal with terrorism. "