Political analyst: the United States may go to the Security Council to issue a resolution that the Iraqi government in the absence of the survival of its forces and rejection of the immunity
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[Baghdad - where]
Political analyst Dr Hashimi is confident that the U.S. may go to the Security Council to issue a resolution that the Iraqi government, allowing the United States to the direct intervention again in Iraq.

Hashemi said in a statement singled out by the agency and all of Iraq [where] the day that "the stock is very mixed in the region culminating in a visit to Iraq, Biden infancy U.S. ambassador in Iraq, meeting with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama al."

He added, "Biden will carry the files and leaves a very serious pressure on the big Iraq for many reasons, including the refusal of the government and the masses of U.S. troops and give them immunity."

Hashemi said that "Iraq is passing through the most difficult periods and Ahlekhha in modern political history since 2003 to now, this period includes the U.S. withdrawal and a withdrawal worsens with multiple positions to put pressure on the political scene and go back to square one."
He stressed that "the United States will not Arogaha decision not to renew the U.S. forces to stay and give immunity to them in Iraq because it controlled the first and last in the region and it is facing the pressure from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party of the U.S. on this issue which has generated nuisance to the U.S. side."
And Hashemi said "there is pressure on America by the Gulf States not to withdraw from Iraq even to not be in Iraq to extend the possible Iranian," emphasizing that this scene will be reflected by the large differences between the political blocs and the security violations very large file, the security of Iraq. "

He noted that "there are papers to neighboring countries, which began using the different trends and are trying to find a foothold in Iraq after U.S. withdrawal," as well as statements by some countries against Iraq and most recently the State of Kuwait, where he said two days ago that there are military forces will be stationed on the Kuwait-Iraq border to observe the collapse of Iraq. "

Hashemi said that "there is a file also includes strategically by Iraq, where now starting to Israeli war games and exercises to hit a very big potential enemy called Iran, if the papers are mixed in the region and all are over Iraq."

He called on the political blocs to "take caution and prudence, which was to become of Iraq and taking the issue seriously and closing ranks and unite with each other."