Sabah al-Saadi's "Khandan": Adoption Law of the mandate of the Prime Minister for two terms require a simple majority
04:56:25 / 07/2012 : Sabah al-Saadi's "Khandan": Adoption Law of the mandate of the Prime Minister for two terms require a simple majority 04:56:25 / 07/2012

Khandan - The independent MP Sabah al-Saadi, that passing a law defining the mandates of the three presidencies, including the mandate of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's two sessions and retroactively, does not need parliamentary consensus, but a simple majority (50 +1) the number of House members present.

Saadi said in a statement to "Khandan": We have a proposal to limit the jurisdiction of the three presidencies (the Republic, deputies, ministers) appendant signed (137) MPs from different political blocs, noting that the vote on the law does not require a consensus of Parliament, but to a simple majority, revealing the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to refer the proposed law to the Legal Committee, which will be examined Parliamentary during the next two days and report about it.

He stressed the independent MP, that the law recognizes retroactively because we do not want to Njdhir a dictator or a party, but we want a democratic system in the country and traded peacefully for the Authority to ensure the rights of citizens, noting that the law was passed to prevent keep the losers and the corrupt in power and Astnglalhm money power.

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has called for the mandates of the three presidencies of the republic, the government and parliament, two sessions in order to avoid the emergence of "personal or party dictatorships."

The Liberal bloc confirmed earlier that «more than 200 deputies voiced their support for the proposal to set the states of the three presidencies and this is not directed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who visited Parliament Speaker Osama al.

And MP for Prince Kanani bloc that «the enactment of the mandate of the three presidencies, but is not aimed at al-Maliki is a road map to establish the principle of peaceful transfer of power and the consolidation of democracy».

The decision of the House of Representatives and leader of the Iraqi List, Muhammad Al-Khalidi, had confirmed earlier that «the issue of the mandate of the three presidencies were part of the agreement provided for Arbil, 2 where the points agreed upon to define the mandate of these presidencies».

The Islamic Supreme Council expressed earlier support for the legislation law in the Iraqi Council of Representatives to determine the mandate of the presidencies of the three constituencies and two sessions with retroactive effect.

He said Hassoun Fatlawi MP on the mass of citizens representing the Supreme Islamic Council in the House of Representatives in a statement to "Khandan" that the legislation of a law to limit the jurisdiction of two sessions of the three presidencies constituencies and retroactively establish democracy in Iraq and put an obstacle to the return of dictatorship to Iraq.