Adam Official Chat 11-2-11 Post by Kcw Dinar Vets

Adam Montana] Hope everyone got that
[Adam Montana] so good morning everyone!
[Adam Montana] There is a long list of questions from the members this morning

[Adam Montana] first, a quick summary
[Adam Montana] we all know parliament is on a break right now
[Adam Montana] and technically nothing should be getting done
[Adam Montana] but we also know Iraq does everything backwards
[Adam Montana] and when they SHOULD get things done, nothing happens
[Adam Montana] mostly due to political issues - in other words, the big kids spend too much time fighting to accomplish big things

[Adam Montana] what a lot of the news articles are telling us at this time, however
[Adam Montana] is that although parliament is on break, they are still moving towards completing the HCL
[Adam Montana] and I know for a fact that this can be pushed through with a simple meeting and a few signatures
[Adam Montana] regarding the rate and the actual implementation
[Adam Montana] there is a question about the IMF from one of he members that I'll answer in a few minutes - so stand by for that

[Adam Montana] If you're on the email newsletter, you probably got that email i sent a few days ago
[Adam Montana] I sent out my thesis last week on why i feel the rate should be closer to a dime than anything else
[Adam Montana] then I sent out a newsletter stating that I'm well aware I could be wrong

[Adam Montana] I apologize if that confused anyone
[Adam Montana] I still think it's very possible that the rate will only be a dime
[Adam Montana] ( "only" 1000% return... I'm not going to cry about it!)
[Adam Montana] but my next email's purpose was to let you all know that my "prediction" of a .10 RV is only my opinion based on my research and contact's information
[Adam Montana] others that I talk to say it could be a heck of a lot higher, up to a dollar

[Adam Montana] but NOBODY I talk to - well, at least in the group of people that actually have brains - NONE of them think it would ever be over a dollar
[Adam Montana] at least not at first
[Adam Montana] the consensus is basically that if it were to come out at a high rate (in my opinion, anything over a dime is high)

[Adam Montana] it would at best be on par with the dollar, to quickly transfer future transactions AWAY from the USD
[Adam Montana] and start using the IQD
[Adam Montana] that's my top end analysis... don't let me forget to use the famous words: "In My Opinion'

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