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    Compliment for BGG


    I have enjoyed your blog and the information you put out for the last few months, ever since I found out about Dinar. I just want to express a heart felt THANK YOU for all you do. It takes a lot of time, money, intelagance and diligence to do what you do. The information you have given and freely explained has helped me SO VERY MUCH in understanding what is going on. I would have been clueless and probably have fallen prey to some of the scams had I not stumbled onto you. I am a Christian and know full well the power of prayer, so know you are prayed for here in Georgia for God's will to be carried out thru you in your effort to keep people informed. I know it gets disheartning at times but you have done an excellant job of pushing thru and handling situations in a gentlemans manner. Hope this encourges you because it is intended for that pupose. You are appreciated, respected and most of all I'm thankful you are here to speak the truth!


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    . . get a ladder and get over !

    Re: CC 08/28/12 ". . those of you out there who are upset that we pray on the beginning of the call or pray
    at the ending of the call, get over it". "Just get your self a ladder and get over the top of that problem, right this second".

    This is a gigantic bible revival statement regarding prayer. Angels in heaven stood and gave an ovation to Bgg & Poppy I'm sure,
    upon hearing these words. I could go on and on with analysis having to do with this shout. But suffice it to say, , in all my years , ,

    this is the most profound, spontaneous, truth spoken from the heart, righteously right, benevolent, loving, caring giving, leadership
    statement, I have ever been a witness to.

    Praise the Lord for warrior such as you both ! ! ! This is what our world is missing. Even in most-all the Sunday 'go'n to meet'n' . .
    aka (don't offend the congregation) Candy Coated Churches in America !

    God, lift-up our voices more often, like Poppy and Bgg . . Amen


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