Because of the utter failure in running the security file and service
Reference call for new full-time al-Maliki asked the party and the nomination of another character to head the government
Mustafa al-Hassani

- 02/11/2011 PM - 1:27 p.m.

A source familiar with from the province of Najaf that Mr. Mahmoud Shahrudi former president of the Supreme Judicial Council and a member of the Assembly of Experts and the Expediency in Iran now sent his agent, Sheikh Mohsen Parvizi and Minister of Justice, former Iranian to be the coordinator for the Dawa party of Iraq's ruling after the selection of the party to Mr. Shahrudi as a reference, Immediately after the arrival of Alperveza holy city of Najaf has been received by an official delegation from the Office of the Prime Minister and deputies from the Dawa Party and the Director of the Office Shahrudi in Najaf, Sheikh Ibrahim al-Baghdadi, a celebration was held in the presence of more than two hundred people have been informed that the attendance of the imitators of Mr. Shahrudi.

And said Parvizi at the beginning of his "Let me speak to you in Farsi to weak Arabiyta, convey to you the greetings of the reference and I will work to revitalize the political reality of the Democratic Party through my experience in politics, where I was Minister of Justice in Iran for eight years and a legal adviser to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad four years.
He Alperveza that "Mr. Shahrudi told me he can not move to Najaf because of his official in Iran and also can not enter competition with references Najaf four bones especially, the supreme Imam al-Sistani," and pointed out that "the Iraqi street Servdhana as well as the party's support to us is not enough especially as you Atemtlkon mosque and Ahasinah in Iraq and your audience only government bonds, councils, "which raised Hfadh politicians to attend.

He noted that the opinion of Shahrudi is to choose Maliki, the head of the party or the government and said the disgruntled Iraqi street from the lack of services and the government's inability to achieve any accomplishment of the people during more than six years ago and the arrival of reports to Mr. Shahrudi of Shiite areas, stating that Mr. Maliki has failed miserably in the control of the security file, despite his control over all the security ministries.

He noted that one of the referendums and relates to the city of Samawah, al-Maliki that the worst prime minister came in the history of Iraq and the catastrophic.

Parvizi and stated that "Mr. Shahrudi told me by refusing to childish behavior of the owners in the fight against al-Sistani and his authority after the latter refused to receive al-Maliki.

Before the end of his speech that shocked the Dawa Party, which tried to make a reference and a fake be a puppet in his hand like Mahol Saddam did, he said Parvizi, "This is part of the guidance of Mr. Shahrudi that you accept the Welcome and otherwise is not in need of your tradition has it not for your visits and visits Maliki repeated Olhagm it were not his desire to open an office in Najaf. "