Consern abour BGG's Fast
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Thread: Consern abour BGG's Fast

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    Consern abour BGG's Fast

    BGG is aour leader and I truly honor his sacrifice to fast until the RV or 30 days. His decision certainly shows his faith in Jesus Christ! However we all know that God works on his time table not ours. This blessing for us all will come but not neccesarily when we prayer and sacrifice for it. I believe God chose BGG to be our leader in our search of this blessaing. I believe that as such we need him at full strength in these final days. I pray for God tob bless him and look over him in his fast. Skate41

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    "If my people will humble themselves and pray . . . then will I hear from heaven." II Chron. 7:14 God does respond to prayer and fasting, His own words. With you BGG.

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    I applaud BGG for taking this step of faith and fasting at this crucial time. In the Bible, when Jesus was about to begin His earthly ministry, He was led into the wilderness, where He was tempted while fasting for forty days. Though weakened in the flesh by the fast, He was strong in His spirit and overcame the devil when he tempted Him. Later in the gospels, there came a time when Jesus' disciples, the followers who were closest to Him and learned from Him on a daily basis, were unable to cast out a demon in His absence. When they asked Him why they could not do it, His reply was that this kind only comes out by "prayer and fasting." The Bible teaches us that when we embark on a great spiritual journey, sometimes He will call upon us to do so while in prayer and fasting. He will give us the strength that we need if we do this in faith, believing. If BGG has been called by God to enter this fast, we must encourage him and pray for him. May the Lord hear his prayers, and may the fast be very short, indeed, meaning, may the blessing of the RV be upon us, even at the very doors! God bless you in this endeavor, BGG. I say this from the bottom of my heart.

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