OPEC basket price down to 106.35 dollars on Tuesday
02/11/2011 10:32

Erbil, November 2 (Rn) - the price of OPEC basket, which includes the Iraqi Basrah Light on Tuesday to 106.35 dollars a barrel.
OPEC said on Wednesday that the price of its basket of crudes fell to the standard of $ 106.35 a barrel on Tuesday from 107.12 dollars the previous day, according to the reported "Reuters."
The OPEC basket is composed of 12 raw mix is ​​the Algerian Sahara and Girassol Angolans and Iranian heavy crude and Iraqi Basra Light crude export of Kuwait and the Libyan lotus and Nigerian Bonny Light and sea country and Saudi Arabia's Arab Light and Arab Emirates Murban and Mary Venezuelan and Ecuadorian Orient.
Iraq's exports of 2.088 million barrels of oil per day in October / October, compared with 2.101 million barrels per day in September / September, and the average official selling price of $ 104 a barrel.
Included exports 1.628 million barrels per day from Basra in southern Iraq and 460 thousand barrels per day from the northern fields around Kirkuk, including eight thousand barrels a day were being shipped tank vehicles to Jordan.
Iraq has the fourth-largest oil reserves in the world depends on oil imports by 95 per cent for the financial support of the country's budget. And signed agreements with international energy companies to increase production of the country to 12 million barrels by the year 2017.