Iraqi oil for export 67 million barrels during the last month
Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Said Undersecretary of the Iraqi Oil Ministry on Tuesday that Iraq's oil exports, during the month of October / October, at 67 million barrels. Said Mutasim Akram, told the Kurdish news agency that the rate of exports of Iraqi oil during the last month, there were 2,000,172 barrels of oil per day.
According to data reported in 31 of the month of October (October) the past, Iraq was 67 million and 425 thousand barrels of oil to the outside. For its part, the Iraqi Oil Ministry on its official on the levels of oil exports during the month of September / September, when the level of 63 million and 100 thousand barrels at a rate of $ 104 and 89 cents per barrel, while the total oil imports in the same month, to six billion and 619 million U.S. dollars and based on the budget approved by the Iraqi government in 2011, Iraq must export 2.2 million barrels of oil to the outside, in a single day.