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    BGG, I really enjoyed your video and your call from last night. It disturbed me that someone is calling you a pumper! I got the idea that it disturbed you too. You did a great job of explaining why you are not one. Understand that in any group of people there will always be those who look for the worst in anyone, and they won't be happy until they find it. But God will avenge, and usually what they look for in others they end up finding in themselves. Don't let them steal your joy! With the chat room, the blog, the conference calls and introducing us to Dinar Corp you do the dinar community a great service! I believe you do that in the name of the Lord, and He will reward you for that in the end. May you be encouraged by this message, and just keep doing the good that you do and don't worry about those who refuse to see it! God bless you always!
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    TYVM for the kind words. Most appreciated.


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    Question Out of the Loop....

    Could not get on the emergency call etc.....is there a recording?

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    Dewe, There is a recording until the next call tonight ... if you can catch it before then! You can find our recorded #s and links in this same thread (usually within minutes) after each call:


    Here is the specific link for the emergency call ... catch it while you can!


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    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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    Am also glad to find Dinar Corp. Can we mention other dealers' names in here? Maybe I better not. Anyway, a certain large dealer will not respond to our letters. We are tempted now to go to the BBB. They came out recently and announced a 45-day plan and a 30-dollar discount on a million dinar. Big deal.
    Too little too late for the copycats. No loyalty. They act like they are doing the public a real favor, when, in fact, they are covering their butts. They've made a ton on our reserves over the years and are likely losing business to Dinar Corp and others. Thank heavens for that.

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