Iraqi air force base officially receive the Delta west of Kut, and attempts to transform into a civilian airport
Monday, October 31, 2011

The president of the Council of Wasit, that the Iraqi Air Force base received the Delta west of Kut, indicating the presence of effort to turn it into a civilian airport.
He said Mahmoud Abdul Rida's "agency Voices of Iraq", said the Iraqi Air Force received, on Sunday, formally manage the Delta military base west of Kut after the full withdrawal of U.S. troops.
He added that there are efforts to convert the base to a civilian airport to transport cargo and air freight or offered for investment to foreign companies after obtaining official approvals, pointing to the existence of a genuine desire among the local government for the transfer of the air force academy in Tikrit to the base of Walcott's consideration of the capacity of an area of ​​this rule and the presence of other qualifications , indicating that the local government had approached the central government over its desire to transfer college.