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    Alli's Story...

    I just wanted to give you guys a chance to hear Alli's story and help one of the Dinar community's prized members. Alli (under the name BIGBUCKS) has been a great info gatherer and excellent source of contacts for the Dinar world. For a very long time she worked hard bringing intel, information and as a caring overseer on one of the bigger sites. They have since turned on her once she was again diagnosed with thyroid cancer that has spread through her lymph system and to her cervix (this is her second such battle in a very short period). They stripped her of all MOD access once she was of no further use.

    That's not how we take care of our own!! Alli is pretty, sharp and very young (23 years old - I think). She just married her childhood sweetheart about a year ago. Alli and Jake have known each other since they were 5. I cannot imagine the stress on this young couple of having cancer (a second time), losing a job, and her health insurance. She was, until recently, not getting treatment due to not having the means. I think she has just started treatment and while I'm not sure as to their exact situation - let's see if we can help them out some. If they have a few less expenses to worry about - that's something.

    You may send donations via PayPal to: Be sure to mark them "The Alli Fund". If you would like to use a credit card - just e-mail them and they will send a PayPal request you can fulfill with a credit card.

    If you bank with CHASE, you may deposit directly to the You Matter account. Be sure to note the donation "The Alli Fund"

    You may also send Checks or physical Dinars to:

    You Matter - "The Alli Fund"
    2295 Towne Lake Parkway Ste 116121
    Woodstock, GA 30189

    All Gifts are tax deductible -

    Thanks so much!!

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    My Sweet Lil Alllliiiii,,,, I vub you hunney, and pray for you everyday..and if i can find a way to help ill be sure too..i gotz to have m alli kats *big smiles and bigger hugs* ....Your Careful1

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    Thanks BGG, I will be looking for the paypal link. Please let Alli know, she is in our daily paryers...
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