Parliamentary committee proposes the allocation of the budgets of the ministries exceptional service
31/10/2011 08:50

Baghdad, October 31 / October (Rn) - The Committee for Services and Construction representative, on Monday, it submitted a proposal to the government for the purpose of allocating budgets "exceptional" for the ministries of service in the country in order to promote their work, indicating that there are seriously affected in the infrastructure it needs to be a lot of money for rebuilding .

A member of the drafters Ihsan Yassin, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), "The infrastructure in Iraq needs a lot of money for the purpose of rebuilding it," noting that "balances the current grant for the ministries service is not sufficient even for many years to provide services to citizens."
He explained that the "Committee for the Parliamentary Service and Construction submitted a proposal as stake-holders on the work of the service ministries to grant extraordinary budgets of these ministries for the purpose of promoting their work," noting that "things are up to the government to consider the proposal to be implemented starting from next year."

The Iraqi government confirmed that it has been allocated $ 131 trillion Iraqi dinars (112 billion dollars) as a counterbalance to the total federal 2012, an increase of 36% from last year.

And several cities in Iraq since the fifth of February last, popular demonstrations in protest against the deterioration of services and security in the country.

Following protests, the government promised to improve the situation of services in all governorates.
The federal government says that some of the local administrations in the provinces responsibility for poor services because of their potential exchange financial allocations granted to them within the federal budget.

A report by a government arrived at the House of Representatives that some provinces did not exceed its budget exchange rate for the current year rate of 30%.