Kurdistan: "Western Zagros," announces start selling oil in the markets of the region
31/10/2011 11:41

Erbil, 31 October / October (Rn) - announced the Western Zagros involved in the extraction of oil in the Kurdistan region, for it began pumping oil to domestic markets in the region, according to the official website of the company.

Web site published a story quoting the Managing Director of Western Zagros Simon Hatfield, saying that "the company started today (yesterday) to pump oil from the field (Serglah) Kurdistan Region to local markets," adding that "the marketing of oil in the region is considered the first step for the company in the field of marketing after it had been specializing in oil exploration and extraction. "

The Hatfield that "the productive capacity of the field Serglah began about two thousand barrels of oil a day to increase production to 5 thousand barrels per day in the future," noting that "the surveys conducted by the company in the field confirm the possibility of extraction of between 9 to 11 thousand barrels of oil from it a day ".

The company (and Aturn Oil Sand) Canada had contracted with the Kurdistan Regional Government (Department of Sulaymaniyah) in 2006, through the company and Western Zagros for the extraction of oil in the region.