Expert's (the economic term): the stability of the local currency enhances the purchasing power of the dinar
Date: Mon 10/31/2011 9:18

Collect a number of economic experts, that the stability of the exchange rate of the local currency and an important means intended to rein in inflation-winning currency and measurement of volume changes in the economic reality as well as to strengthen the purchasing power of the dinar.

And Deputy Governor of the Central Bank for the benefit Mzarmohamd (range economic) that the stability of the Iraqi dinar is considered an important means of inflation targeting, contain and respond to it, indicating one of the achievements of monetary policy in Iraq. Saleh added: that monetary policy is based on the time Alhadharaly golden triangle of the highest strength available cash reserves in the history of Iraq is estimated at (59 billion) stressing stability for four years to come with the fall in inflation to one decimal place.
Saleh continued: the dinar exchange rate is about the external value of the outside world, pointing out that this stability is important as one of the tools to influence inflation expectations.

Saleh pointed to the existence of the term so-called structural forces within the economy is working to create a wave of constant boiling and pay ranges far Alasaraly serve as a monopoly power within the economy.
Salih stressed that monetary policy plays an important role in stopping inflation expectations resulting from the influence of the outside world on Iraq, noting that the stability of the exchange rate will help reduce the volatility of exchange rates or inflation, such as rising food imported in the world.
He noted the benefit that Iraq has at the present time sober reserves of foreign currencies, which represents the cover of the local currency, noting that inflation fell two places.
For his part, counting the economic expert Majid picture stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against other currencies and an important means of measuring changes in the economy in general, saying it is one of the goals of monetary policy in Iraq.
He said Suri's (range economic): Despite the fluctuations that you get the stability of the currency and its stability and strength reflects the strong confidence to the stability of the Iraqi currency internally and externally what attracts foreign investors to Iraq, noting that the investors' accounts will be built on firm foundations Projects foreign investment do not see any weakness, but by global changes.
He added the picture: that the lack of fiscal policy and to make a clear monetary policy avoid domestic pressures caused by consumerism and the economy in chaos, pointing out that this mess caused a continuous increase in prices and inflation price.
To the economist said Subhi al-Badri's (economic term): that the stability of prices of the domestic currency strengthens the purchasing power of the dinar, whether at home or abroad, stressing the need to guarantee the economic stability such as security mortgaged to political stability and to reduce the class differences between groups in society.
Badri added: that the Iraqi economy is heading at present to the capitalist system and the gesture indicates full awareness that the monetary policy in Iraq.
Badri added: that the slight increase in the price of world oil market has helped to stabilize the local currency.
In turn, said banking expert Farouk Ramadan's (range economic) that the stability of the stability of the local currency generally meant one way or another the stability of the Iraqi economy in all its forms, indicating that the central bank policy destined to maintain the exchange rate of dinar subtracting amounts to the public for the purposes of imports and foreign remittances as well as the performance requirements of the external services needed by citizens living abroad in particular.
He Ramadan: This generates a kind of stability, safety and reliability of foreign investors who wish to invest in Iraq.
He Ramadan: that the increase in world oil prices and the relative stability of the level of estimates of oil established in the general budget in Iraq have a significant role in the stability of the currency, noting that the Iraqi currency currency inflation.
And Ramadan is the obligation to find the equation of minutes between the gradual reduction of the purchase price of foreign currency, pointing to the need for the U.S. dollar is equivalent to a thousand Iraqi dinars so that we can delete three zeros from the currency.
To the expert considered that the financial stability of Zarzis sentenced the stability of the local currency assistant not to increase goods and commodities.
He said the financial expert for Zarzis (range economic) that the stability of the Iraqi dinar compared to other foreign currencies accruing to the benefit of the Iraqi citizen not to influence the prices of products and goods, indicating the possibility of control of monetary policy.
He Zarzis: This stability in the prices of the domestic currency would help to screen the existing inflation and the possibility of preventing the problems of inflation.