Sadr confirmed that the disputes and conflicts that have occurred in the country for political purposes
Date: Saturday 29-10-11 02: 58 pm

Najaf Qasim Al Kaabi

Sadr said sadrist leader that most disputes and conflicts that have taken place in Iraq for political purposes. Called on clerics to educate people on Iraqi unity, religious and ideological.
Sadr said in a mechanism provided by a group of followers, Saturday, on fears of political forces a security vacuum have uldali injected uncontrollable security after us withdrawal from Iraq. "The main reason for the Iraq syndrome and diseases وبلاءاته is occupied and presence in the country is fuelled sectarianism, ethnic and civil wars and other"
"The Iraqi people benefited from his previous experience was what consequences of violence and terrorism and the resulting disintegration of fragmentation and loss and death and can find solutions in order not to repeat the previous bitter experience"
Stating "most of the disputes and conflicts that occurred in the country had been political reasons, therefore, not entitled to political forces to spread fears that it had waived its grants peace took no violent and uncontrolled security at all"
Sadr said "rests with scientists especially clerics education for Iraqi unity on religious and ideological level, so as not to break out any differences then"
Sadr said "border protection well would be a reason for lack of those things and will be maintaining the safety and security in Iraq"